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              lamb chops


              Our wines are selected by award winning wine author and respected journalist, Matthew Jukes. Selecting appropriate grape varieties, of consistently excellent quality, to accompany the complex and varied flavours of our cuisine was an exciting challenge for Matthew.

              Our beverage selection is now famously compatible with the cuisine, providing a perceptively hand-picked range of exceptional wines, including vintage and non-vintage champagne, as well as some great value ones too.

              However, they are all winners, while our cocktail menu is edgy, vibrant and always dressed to impress.

              There is also a selection of carefully selected wines by the glass which, for many, is an excellent option when your journey takes you through six or seven small portions involving sea fare, meat and vegetables, as well as our cosmopolitan dessert menu.

              It’s an ideal and deeply memorable way to enjoy an epicurean adventure, indulging in a myriad of flavours and ingredients; all freshly prepared, on view, in style, and in your time.