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              Tandoori Ocean Wild Prawns? ? ? ? ? ?

              OUR FOOD

              Amaya offers sophisticated grilled Indian cuisine, out of the ordinary and sensationally modern. The style, flavouring, ingredients and delivery sets us apart from any other

              Amaya is a totally unconventional fine dining restaurant. The food is served immediately as it prepared for sharing in bite-sized portions. There are no conventional first or main courses.

              Customers wishing a more conventional dining experience should try our other fine dining restaurants - Chutney Mary or Veeraswamy?

              Amaya probably encompasses the broadest range and variety of grills ever seen under one restaurant roof in the world.

              This covers an exceptional variety of seafood, poultry, game, as well as 15 vegetarian dishes. This ranges from the simple broccoli which we have taken to stardom, to oyster, lobster and flamed venison kebab.?

              These ingredients are clothed and marinaded into bespoke, unusual and creative blends of complex seasonings and then cooked in full view in a hot-clay oven, an open grill, a searing hot-iron-plate, or stir fried.?

              They are then exquisitely presented with simple elegance.?

              The result is a memorable gourmet adventure of eclectic Indian dishes with tantalizing seductive taste sensations, often unexplored and all freshly prepared on view

              For an example of our menu, please click here

              For reservations, please?click here?