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              A wide array of
              vegetarian dishes


              We make as much fuss over our vegetable and salad dishes as we do our seafood and meat. We believe that a vegetable can be a smash hit. We probably have the widest selection of vegetarian dishes for a fine dining restaurant ?

              With over 15 vegetable and salad dishes, there is an unparalleled selection of non-meat dishes.

              Our cherry-picked selection within the vegetable kingdom is special and ?seasonal, including (to mention a few):?Tandoori?Broccoli with Ginger Yogurt, Char-Grilled Aubergine, Chilli Paneer with Date & Sesame.

              Delectable carbohydrate accompaniments feature, such as Bhojpuri Potato, pan roasted with sun-dried mango powder, or griddled Indian white sweet potato built into a delectable yogurt and tamarind pyramid... almost too pretty to eat.?

              We have a changing unusual vegetarian curries & a cornucopia of vegetable biryani. The rice in the biryani is a year old basmati which has incredible length & consistency.?

              Our vegetarian Tasting Menu is inspirational for vegetarians, vegetable lovers and gourmets who enjoy the full spectrum of ingredients.

              For reservations, please?click here?