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              Superb contemporary
              exotic cocktails

              wines & COCKTAILS

              Our beverage selection is famously compatible with our cuisine, providing a hand-picked range of exceptional wines, some available by the glass, and innovative cocktails

              wine collection

              Our most popular wines in different price categories are as follows:

              UNDER £45
              White:?Gavi di Gavi, La Contessa Piedmont, Italy

              Red: Chateau de Fontenille Bordeaux Rouge, France

              £40 - £80
              White: Au Bon Climat Chardonnay, Santa Maria County, California 2017?

              Red: 99 Rows Pinot Noir, Julicher, Martinborough, New Zeland 2015

              White: Puligny-Montrachet,? Les Folatieres, 1er Cru, Domaine Ch de Puligny, Burgundy, France 2017

              Red: Barolo ‘Albe’, G D Vajra, Piemonte, Italy 2015

              Our mixologists focus on fabulous flavours using fresh seasonal ingredients. The element of surprise lifts the spirits. Here are a few innovative and exotic cocktails from our cocktail menu:

              Wild Hibiscus & Elderflower Martini - Elderflower & Star of Bombay gin shaken on ice, wild hibiscus, Champagne £13
              Mirchi Chilli Martini - Fresh passion fruit, Finlandia vodka, and hint of chilli £11?
              Spiced Cucumber & Mint Margarita - Sauza Silver, Yellow Chartreuse £12.50

              For reservations, please?click here?