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              Statue at Amaya

              Contemporary terracotta sculptures

              customer comments

              We appreciate all of our customer comments, including constructive criticism, personal opinions, and praise. We are always open to evaluating feedback. ?The dining experience is crucial to the ongoing success and evolution of any restaurant and we are fully committed to listening to you. Feedback on your recent visit and receive free champagne at your next meal.

              “My wife and I had a wonderful evening and will be praising your restaurant to family & friends for me Amaya should be found under E for excellent”
              Mr Barbour

              “The most amazing meal we’ve ever had”
              Mr Mithrakis

              “Best Indian food ever”
              Mr Dirk

              “Amaya is the only restaurant I can imagine going alone to and having a wonderful evening. All the people who work there are so welcoming and attentive and it is a treat indeed, as a woman, to be able to go somewhere and have a delightful evening, eat exquisite food and feel so well looked after.”?
              Ms Steyn

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