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              Amaya restaurant

              A shimmering contemporary space, which integrates India through pink sandstone panels, rosewood tables and hanging glass crystals

              WHAT THE CRITICS SAY

              We continue to impress the critics along with our customers and are grateful for the feedback that brings with it high praise, as well as great reward for our talented chefs and obliging staff.


              “Score 11/10. This astounding restaurant looks wonderful. It smells even better than princely havana, the exquisite scent of grilling meat and clay-baked bread mingling with freshly cut Indina spices. The service is impeccable. Concept, generally, are as welcome in restaurants as rats, but this one is admirably simple. Really its about ‘grazing’ - sharing small amounts of as ?many grilled or tandoor-baked dishes as you can manage. And what dishes. We had no idea Indian cooking could be this way. Long before we had completed this feast of gods we were trying to work out how soon we could come back.”

              ELITE TRAVELLER

              Amaya featured in Elite Traveller 50 World’s Top Restaurants (Elite is a magazine distributed for private jets around the world).

              “Reinventing the perception of Indian food in Britain, Amaya presents a sophisticated Indian dining experience with their glamorous setting and excellent kebabs. Refined yet casual, the tasting menu provides a convivial meal to be shared and enjoyed. Whether the unusual curries or the complex marinades, the authenticity of the dishes set Amaya apart, mixing royal recipes from Maharaja Palaces with favourite from the humble Indian street stall”

              TIME OUT,?GUY DIAMOND

              “Indian food expert Camellia Panjabi, co-owner with sister Namita and her husband Ranjit Mathrani of this chic grill restaurant and bar, spent the best part of a year researching and preparing to launch what remains an extremely exciting restaurant. With their other restaurant Chutney Mary, the three had already been chipping away at the British perceptions of Indian cooking (in most cases derived from our late-night predilection for curry house) for several years, but Amaya immediately set new standards of quality, authenticity and culinary invention, and did so with great style.”


              “Amaya, a fantastic, funky Knightsbridge establishment where you might eat delectable lobster or crab streaked with the subtlest curry sauce. In the unlikely event that you’ve ever wondered what a restaurant critic does on his day off, you now know: he eats at Amaya. Hell, I'd dine from its dustbin.’


              “‘Style and flair’ abound at this ‘simply outstanding’ nouvelle Indian - one of London’s best- tucked-away in Belgravia; many of its ‘innovative’, ‘light’ and ‘flavourful’ tapas style dishes come from a central grill.”


              Ranked as No.1 in the National Geographic Ten Best Irresistible Restaurants in the world

              “Amaya – created by Ranjit Mathrani, Namita Panjabi and Camellia Panjabi, the owners of Chutney Mary and Veeraswamy – grills the most delicious Indian food in the world, seasoned with subtle marinades prepared in an open kitchen. Award-winning for good reason, there is absolutely no better dining experience in London. Tasteful décor matches the fabulous food.”

              GOOD FOOD GUIDE

              “Amaya occupies a desirable slice of Belgravia real estate and is a hugely ambitious affair: sleek, slinky and with a penchant for glamour. Locals flock to sample the wares in its vast, triangular dining area – a riotous mix of bold colours, vibrant murals and polished metal. The ‘theatre kitchen’ delivers a raft of tapas-style tasting plates from tandoori oven, sigri grill and tawa skillet, with dishes arriving in waves when they are ready.”


              “Bringing a new dimension to Indian Cuisine is this fashionable Belgravia hot spot where a gleaming open kitchen turns out new-wave tapas-style dishes served in a cool contemporary setting; once you’ve secured a difficult-to-score reservation, prepare to be treated like a maharani”


              “Amaya certainly has a seductive style in spades. Located in Knightsbridge’s glossy Halkin Arcade, it is as well-dressed as its customers: by day, light floods in through a glazed atrium roof: at night, ?textures of black granite, rosewood and leather are set against white walls splashed with bold modern artwork, plus there’s the added culinary drama of chefs doing their thing in an impressive open kitchen”

              For reservations, please?click here?