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              Amaya ?
              Chefs at work in Amaya’s open kitchen

              key features

              In 2004 we opened Amaya off Motcomb Street in Knightsbridge to offer a unique concept in cutting-edge Indian food style and philosophy

              FOOD STYLE

              After the success of Chutney Mary, along with re-establishing iconic Veeraswamy, both of which focussed on the great curries of India the time was right for a revolutionary culinary experience.?

              Amaya showcases the amazing but little-known repertoire of India’s grilled foods of India.

              Until? then slow-cooked curries were regarded the main cooking style.


              The approach to cooking and presentation is also novel for a fine dining restaurant to match the food which is fresh, fragrant and supremely flavoursome.?

              The food is prepared in a theatrical open kitchen in full view of customers. The food presentation is inventive with a nod to the Orient.?

              The food is served for sharing immediately as it is prepared. It is grazing food with no conventional first or main courses.


              The décor is ground-breaking in flawlessly fusing a full open kitchen with the restaurant space and bringing in Indian decorative idioms into contemporary design.?

              The result: a sensational interior to match its novel style of Indian cuisine creating a restaurant with allure.?

              As the Michelin Guide says we create ‘gourmet theatre from another stratosphere’.

              For reservations, please click here?