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              Aman Private Dining Lunch Meetings

              Elegant wall paper,
              dramatic art work
              and skilled lighting,
              conveys chicness,
              style and glamour

              private dining enquiries

              Every private dining enquiry is managed efficiently by our dedicated private dining team, promising a prompt response to every request

              MENU CHOICES?

              All parties must choose one menu from our set menus and this choice must be advised at the latest 2 working days in advance of the event. We highly recomend that you pre-order the wine.?


              Please refer to our allergen policy as indicated on our website FAQs. Any specific allergy must be communicated In advance.?


              A deposit of £600 (for Private Room hire), which is fully refundable in accordance with our cancellation policy, is required to confirm a private dining reservation.?

              For parties of smaller sizes or larger sizes upto 32, please check out the other private rooms in the India Collection - click here .

              The average cost of a private dining dinner inclusive of beverage and service is £90 - £135 per person. The average cost of a private dining lunch inclusive of beverage and service is £70 - £100 per person.?

              ENQUIRY FORM

              Click here to make an enquiry about private parties and events and receive detailed party information.?

              If your budget is £50 or less per person, have parties in excess of 32, or if you wish to do exclusive venue hire, please click here for party information at Masala Zone, our highly regarded group of informal dining restaurants.