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              Amaya dessert

              Light desserts oozing?with
              flavour and presented
              with style

              private dining menus

              Amaya offers a scintillating private dining menus for intimate gatherings up to 14 persons.

              We have private dining menus which can be adjusted according to your dietary requirements.

              We are happy to discuss personal requests before booking together with any specific details on your wish list.

              To view our party menus, please click here.


              The lunch menus are from £55-£62 per person. The average cost of a private dining lunch inclusive of beverage and service is £70 - £85 per person.


              Three dinner menus range from £65 to £85 per person. The average cost of a private dining dinner inclusive of beverage and service, ranges from £90 to £135 per person.

              For parties of smaller sizes or larger sizes up to 32, please check out the other private rooms in the India Collection - click here .

              ENQUIRY FORM

              Click here to make an enquiry about Amaya private parties and receive detailed party information.

              If your budget is £50 or less per person, have parties in excess of 32, or if you wish to do exclusive venue hire, please click here for party information at Masala Zone, our highly regarded group of informal dining restaurants.