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              our location

              Amaya, situated off Motcomb Street in Knightsbridge, is one of London's hottest restaurants.


              Halkin Arcade
              (Entrance via Lowndes St)
              Belgravia, London SW1X 8JT


              Online reservation: Click here
              Email: info@amaya.biz?

              TELEPHONE: 020 7823 1166

              OPENING TIMES


              Tuesday to Friday – 12pm – 2.15pm

              Saturday & Sunday – 12.30pm – 2.45pm


              Monday to Saturday - 6pm – 10.30pm

              Sunday -?6pm – 10pm

              Nearest Parking

              We have secured a deal of 20% discount on normal parking charges at car parks adjacent to Amaya - The nearest car park is Q-Park on Kinnerton Street, London, SW1X 8EA

              Knightsbridge Car Park located nearby. Off street parking is also available.

              Closest underground station

              Knightsbridge, Hyde Park or Sloane Square

              Wheelchair access

              While the restaurant is wheelchair accessible (walkways from Lowndes Street and Motcomb Street), please note that the toilets are one level down.

              Children’s Policy

              Monday to Friday:?The restaurant is not suitable for children under 6 years of age;
              Saturday and Sunday – Children of all ages welcome.?However, we regret that we are unable to accommodate prams and push chairs and also do not offer high chair or baby care facilities

              Monday - Saturday:?No children below the age of 6 years. Children aged 6 to 10 are welcome for reservations at 5.30pm & 6.15pm only and must leave the restaurant by 8pm.

              Sunday:?Children over 6 years are welcome throughout the evening.

              We regret that we are unable to accommodate prams and push chairs in any of our restaurants.

              In the interest of other diners, if children are noisy or running around, we will have to stop service and ask the family to leave.

              Bar and Waiting Area

              There is a small bar area, where guests may wait for their friends and have a drink or cocktail.

              Communal table

              For walk ins, if there is no table reserved or available they may join other diners at along table. Perfect for solo diners too.


              Photography and video is strictly prohibited within our restaurants to avoid any inconvenience and an invasion of privacy for our guests.