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              PRICES AND SET MEALS

              Average spend: £85-£90 per head for the equivalent of a 3-course à la carte meal including wine and service for dinner; £40 - £50 for lunch, including a drink or glass of wine.


              Offering the equivalent of 2 courses, this menu consists of some of Amaya’s all time favourites such as Black Pepper Chicken Tikka, Grilled Fillet of Seabass, Chilli Paneer. £45 per person.

              SET MEALS AT DINNER

              A menu of 6 items plus naan and dessert at £45 per person. The menu is paired with wines at £95 per person.

              Vegetarian menu - 8 items at £42 per person and when paired with wines at £92 per head.

              Weekend special menus at lunch

              Weekend special?- 5 items plus?dessert for £38 per person.?

              Amaya favourites?- 6 items plus naan & raita for £45 per person.


              Private Room: ?14

              Dress CODE

              Our dress code is Smart / Elegant. No track pants, shorts (men), sports shoes. Our customers are dining in a stylish environment and therefore we cannot entertain guests wearing shorts torn or scruffy jeans, flip flops or sportswear & baseball caps. Our restaurant managers will use utmost discretion and have complete authority to deny access to any guest whose attire and overall appearance doesn’t comply with these requirements




              Lunch - Monday to Friday:?Children above the age of 6 are allowed.

              Lunch - Saturday & Sunday: Children of all ages allowed but no prams or pushchairs allowed.

              Dinner: ?Children between the age of 6 to 10 welcome to eat in the main restaurant only for early reservations at 6.00pm, 6.30pm and must vacate by 8pm.
              In case the children are noisy, in the interests of fellow diners, we will have to request the family to leave at the earliest.

              Please let us know if this information affects your reservation.?

              For reservations, please?click here?