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              WHAT's ON

              This is what's on in our restaurant this month...


              The private dining room at Amaya is a special jewel-like room aptly called the Terracotta Room. It is perfect for private sit-down parties of 9 to 14 persons.??

              In order to make it easier and quicker to create the perfectly balanced menu, we have put together menus which you can choose from. Or you can create your own by mixing & matching dishes from them. The menus range from £65 to £85 per person and offer a fabulous selection.? Lunch prices are discounted by 10% on dinner prices.?

              Click?here? to make an enquiry about Private parties at Amaya.

              Festive season celebrations

              CHRISTMAS DAY Open for Lunch & Supper. Choice of 8 menu items from a la carte menu at £95 pp

              BOXING DAY (26th December) Open for lunch & dinner with normal a la carte menu

              NEW YEAR’S EVE ??Open for lunch & dinner with regular a la carte menu. Minimum spend of £75 pp for 2nd sitting from 8.45pm with a complimentary glass of champagne at mid-night

              NEW YEAR’S DAY Open for lunch and dinner with regular a la carte menu

              veeraswamy at home

              We have launched Veeraswamy At Home with a menu which takes into account those items which travel well and some extra items that would complete a home style meal. These are available in larger portions, suitable for sharing, and offers better value.

              We also have the Chef’s recommendation of a meal for 2 (vegetarian & non-vegetarian), plus a special menu for 6 persons,.

              There is a small selection of ready to serve cocktails -?Old Fashioned, Smoked Negroni and Cosmopolitan plus a small selection of wines.

              Our principal delivery partner is the stylish food delivery platform SUPPER. So go to?SUPPER?and type in your postcode and check whether we can deliver to you.

              Do try?Veeraswamy At Home?– it’s probably one of the best available for Indian cuisine and we will be happy to receive your feedback.